Local and regional bands:

 Last One Standing,  Carma 13, Kevin M. Buck, Bounty Hunter 5, Bloodstream Parade, Direct Injection, Tafoya's Lost Boyzz, 3.5 Band,  Veilside, City Wide Fire, Focal Point. Soul 69, SkrudeLoose,  Goin South, Convoy( Southern Rock), Bullet Train, Soul Patch Monkeys, Pete Berwick band, Circle of Fate,Wrecked, Breakpoint Method, Wrath, Miss Behavin', Crashland, Thunder Drive,  Steel Chops, Jacked Up, Lynch Rocks, Emperors and Elephants, Caustic Burn, Illusion Fate, Circle Switch, 4Without, Thallium and more.

National bands:

 Jackyl,  Cool Rockin Daddies w/Dirty Dan Buck formally from the Boyzz from il.

Tribute bands:

Who's Who, Blizzard of Ozz, The Mob Rules(a Ronnie James Dio tribute), Judas Beast (tribute to Judas Priest), Lights Out Chicago( a UFO trbute),   


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